What Happens After I Order?

Upon receipt of the full purchase price we will send you an imprint kit so we can obtain the information necessary to properly fit your foot. Please follow the instructions carefully and return it to us.

We will hold your full purchase price for 30 days, awaiting the return of your imprint kit. The 30 days will run from the date on your credit card receipt to the close of business (5:00 P.M., Pacific Standard Time), on the 30th day of your purchase.

After that point, if you have not returned the imprint kit, we will, upon written request, refund all but $20.00 of your purchase price.

Ordinarily this fee, is absorbed in the purchase of your orthotics, however, costs associated with the imprint kit materials, fees charged by the various banking institutions and bookkeeping/administrative expenses will need to be retained by Forward Arch if the print kit is not returned.

Simple imprint kit steps

imprint kit step 1
imprint kit step 2
imprint kit step 3
imprint kit step 4

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