About Us

We are Dan and Marilyn Morong of Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics and have been selling orthotics in Carlsbad since 2000.

Our Mission

Why do we feel our orthotics stand out? We try and help correct our foot’s structure. We feel you must change the current misalignments and allow the foot to function normally by placing your foot in a neutral position. Our orthotics help with this by supporting your muscle and bone structure of our feet by placing you over your three arches: Medial, Longitudinal, and Metatarsal and allowing the feet to flex. By doing this, you can strengthen and help regain your foot’s balance, alignment and posture. This alleviates foot discomfort and related symptoms.

Dan and Marilyn Morong

In memorium, Marilyn P. Courtney-Morong May 7th 2021

Forward Arch orthotic patent certificate

Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics United States Patent Certificate

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