Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it feel like half a golf ball under my foot?

With corrective orthotics, we are supporting your metatarsal arch, medial arch, lateral arch and transverse arch. The Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics are also “active”, so they flex. When your foot is properly aligned and supported, you will only notice your metatarsal arch, right behind the ball of your foot. This is your center of gravity and supports your body weight.

For the first time in years, your muscle structure, 26 bones, ligaments, and tendons are all placed in a neutral alignment. On average, it takes a week for the muscle structure to strengthen so you are in the orthotic all day. Your metatarsal arch takes pressure off of your heel, ball of your foot, and frees up your toes, relieving their related symptoms. Your medial and lateral arches help with your pronation and supination structure of your feet to help not only your feet but also your ankles, knees and hips.

How long does it take to get used to them?

On average, it takes a week until you are wearing them all day. Some people can take longer due to plantar fasciitis tearing from the hallux joint in the ball of your feet. Wearing instructions are included with your purchase. Please call us with any questions or concerns.

We are dealing with correction which means change! That is why we offer free exchanges and refit. The majority of our exchanges happen at the time of fitting to two weeks out. If you feel anything other than your metatarsal arch being supported, call us for your free 90 exchange refit. (We are not strictly locked into the 90 days if you are having issues)

When can I start wearing them for sports?

Remember, you are training your muscles. You can’t go to the gym and pump iron all day. You do your repetitions and stop, otherwise you will lock up your muscle structure. Wearing the orthotics on the first day is like the first day at the gym! Follow our written instructions and it takes on average five to seven days to the point you are in the orthotics all day.

It takes two weeks for your feet to truly neutralize out, then you can start wearing them for sport activities. Depending on the activity, you are placing 2 – 3 times your body weight on your muscle structure. Activities are greatly enhanced with the Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics.

What type of shoes can I wear?

The flatter your shoe bed, the better. A firm sole is better than a squishy soft sole. You always want there to be an insole in your shoes, but be sure it is as flat as possible or you can make it flat by cutting off the medial rise. This will allow our orthotic to function the way it is designed to.

The orthotics are good for up to a three inch heel, depending on the vamp of the shoe. In an open shoe, i.e. sandals, use velcro to lock it in place just in front of the patented three triangle heel grip design. Put the rough part of the velcro on the orthotic. Always bring your orthotics with you when you go shoe shopping. If you need to go up half a shoe size for them to fit correctly then do so.

Does insurance cover orthotics?

Over the past years, more and more insurance companies no longer cover orthotics. Any coverage must be handled between you and your insurance provider. We do accept HSA credit cards.

Are Forward Arch Orthotics safe for diabetes?

Yes! Forward Arch Orthotics are registered as a class 1 medical device. Our orthotics are non absorbent, so they don’t collect sweat or odor. They also help increase blood flow which is very important for a diabetic patient. They help with balance issues and are also hypoallergenic.

How do I fit orthotics if I can’t be fitted in person?

By ordering on our website we will mail you a moisture activated imprint kit which makes an imprint of your feet. When you mail the imprint kit back back to us, we use the imprint to measure your arch length and bone structure with a fitting chart just like we would in person. We fit arch length and bone structure.

Know that arch size and shoe sizes have nothing in common! For example, the owner of a Forward Arch Orthotic wears a size 10 shoe but wears the 13 wide orthotic. On average, your arch size is usually two sizes larger than your shoe size.

What is the difference between Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics and Tri Supports?

Our Forward Arch Corrective Orthotic supports all arches of your feet and is our number one product. It supports your metatarsal arch at 6 degrees whereas the Tri Supports is at 4 degrees of support.

Tri Supports are made from a firmer polymer and sometimes need to be used for extreme cases of plantar fasciitis in the beginning. They may also need to be used after surgeries due to the smaller amount of correction. Lastly, they are thinner and can be used for tighter fitting shoes.

What is your warranty / guarantee?

All warranties and guarantees can be found on the warranty page of our website and you will receive a written copy on your receipt.

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