Forward Arch® is only responsible for statements that are in the paperwork provided at the point of sale. Any express warranty other than that stated in paperwork provided to customers is not valid unless given in writing and signed by an officer of Forward Arch® at the time of sale.

Forward Arch® may not be held liable for any damages whether incidental, ordinary or consequential. Forward Arch® does not make any guarantee of any particular end result.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Forward Arch® is not responsible for any individuals/distributors of their product making such claims. Forward Arch® makes no claims or guarantees of payment/reimbursement by any insurance companies.

Forward Arch’s® orthotic is intended to make the feet more comfortable, minimize stress on the foot, or improve an abnormal or irregular walking pattern.

It is an orthotic device that offers a more conservative approach to a foot problem, a preventive measure to avoid problems, or a useful support after foot surgery. Forward Arch’s® orthotics are a non-invasive device.

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