Limited Warranty On Product

Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics and Forward Arch® “Tri-Support” Orthotics are warranted from any manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials. If our orthotics should ever break from normal wear, they will be replaced for free. We cannot warranty against damage from the wearing away due to abrasion or damage caused by heat. Our warranty extends to the lifetime of your purchase of the orthotics.

We offer a toll free support line at 1-866-858-ARCH(2724). Please call us with any questions about your orthotics.

Limited Money Back Warranty

Forward Arch® offers a 30-day Limited Money Back Warranty from the date of your purchase. We will refund all but $125 of your total purchase price. The $125 non-refundable fee is an administrative processing and disposal fee. The orthotic is a personal hygiene item and returned orthotics will be destroyed.

We offer free exhanges 90-days from date of sale. We are dealing with correction which means change.

Shipping And Returns

All returns to Forward Arch® must be sent with your original purchase paperwork and orthotics. If you send copies instead of your original yellow paperwork copy it will delay processing.

Simply call customer service at (866)858-ARCH(2724) and a representative will be happy to assist you.

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