Foot Health for Everybody

Why corrective orthotics can benefit everyone. 

All of us have 26 bones and 19 muscle groups in our feet. One quarter of the bones in our skeletal system are in our feet.

Our bodies are designed to walk on sand, soft dirt and grass, not on concrete, asphalt, tile, hardwood floors and bad shoes.

Over the years, walking on these hard surfaces causes our muscle structure to weaken, bone structure collapses, and ligaments and tendons dry up due to decrease in circulation.

In time, we can develop all types of foot ailments and related symptoms. These include heel pain, foot pain, corns, calluses, hammertoes, bunions, knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches and others. Why do we feel our orthotics stand out? We help to correct your foot’s structure.

Foot Health for everyone, girl on beach, heart in sand

We feel you must change the current misalignments and allow the foot to function normally by placing your feet in a neutral position. Our orthotics help with this by supporting the muscle and bone structure of your feet by placing your feet over your four arches, medial, longitudinal, metatarsal, and transverse. Our othothics allow your feet to flex normally. By doing this, you can strengthen and help regain your foot’s balance, alignment and posture, thus alleviating foot discomfort and related symptoms.

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Our products are made of material that is diabetic safe and we provide a lifetime guarantee against chipping, cracking or breaking.

By wearing Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics, you can dramatically decrease or eliminate the effects of these foot ailments.

Alleviate foot discomfort and related symptoms. Regain your foot’s balance, alignment and posture. Eliminate future foot problems.

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