Corrective Orthotics for Golfing

“All timing, distance and direction comes out of the lower body, with the feet leading the way.”

   – Jack Nicklaus

There is no truer statement than “the feet lead the way.” Your feet are the foundation of your body. Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics for golfing help take the weight off your heels, pressure off the ball of your foot and freeing up your toes by placing you directly over your arches (muscle structure) supporting them between 4 and 6 degrees.

You are constantly flexing your arches, which helps promote improved circulation. Thus, correcting your posture and making your legs sturdier. Stronger posture makes the arc of your swing larger, thereby gaining more distance on the ball.

Golfer sunset swing

Golfers are always looking for something that will give them a better arc in their swing, better balance, stability, control and distance in order to improve their scores. “Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics” help do that! Besides helping to stabilize your foot during your swing (no more shifting from side to side in your golf shoe), you are increasing the blood flow by 18% to 30%, depending on your level of activity.

This increased circulation leaves your feet more comfortable and less fatigued. You know how critical that can be when you are playing one of those 4 to 5 hour courses. You are putting your foot over the orthotic, which is supporting all three of your arches at the perfect six degree angle.

Now, with “Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics”, you can address the ball without any major problems associated with your golf shoes, which are primarily designed to keep your feet immobile on the grass. So the golf shoe, like all shoes, is basically designed with the attention on the outer sole and upper part of the shoe, leaving the inside of your shoe or foot bed as if it didn’t matter.

We know that aspects of golf can be elusive, and having an edge for those short pitches, back swing, upswing, forward or downswing, and having the right distribution of weight where you want it can make all the difference.

“Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics” can do that for you. Supination (rolling on the outside of your foot) and pronation (rolling toward the inside of your foot) are helped a great deal. Your foot is positioned over a perfect arch that is flexible, so it is continually massaging and strengthening your foot as you are playing.

Whether it is accuracy on these short pitches, or maximum distance you are looking for, you should make “Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotics” a prime consideration.

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