Orthotic Buying Guide

There are many kinds of corrective orthotics available for purchase. There are some important questions you need to answer in order to make sure you are getting the corrective orthotic that best suits your individual needs.

Questions to ask before purchasing custom orthotics.

What is the orthotic made of?

Remember rubber, foam and gel will degrade over time and absorb bacteria, foot oil and odor. Hard plastic will usually not provide correction or improvement to the structure of your foot.

What is the warranty of the orthotic?

Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics offer a lifetime warranty against defects and breakage. Please see the written warranty for further details.

How is the orthotic fitted?

Shoe size fittings may result in errors and foam box cast fittings result in an orthotic that is based on your already misaligned foot rather than on an optimal foot structure.

How many arches does the orthotic support?

Many orthotics only deal with the Medial arch. This can result in an imbalance as the support pushes the foot to the outside. Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics treats all three arches in the foot, Medial, Longitudinal, and Metatarsal.

What makes Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics the best custom fitted orthotic available?

  • Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics work to improve misalignment in the foot. Molded foam box products create orthotics which simply try to lock the foot in place and prevent any further degradation of the muscle and bone position. Do you want your arches to stay the same as they are now or do you want to make them better? To make them better you need to use an orthotic that helps to put your foot in an optimal position not the bad position you already have.
  • Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics are made of a high grade medical polymer which have a lifetime warranty against breakage from normal wear. Inexpensive rubber, foam or gel cushion insoles compress over a short period of time degrading the integrity of the orthotic. Forward Arch Corrective orthotics are designed to last a lifetime.
  • Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics is a non absorbent Class 1 Medical Device and can safely be worn by diabetics. They can be washed with soap and water. Other orthotics made of rubber, foam or gel cushions absorb bacteria, foot oil and odor which can make them unsanitary and not safe for use by diabetics and others with medical conditions.
  • Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics help to support all three arches in the feet, Medial, Longitudinal, and Metatarsal. Many orthotics deal only with the Medial arch (the arch on the inside of the foot). This kind of limited support can push the foot to the outside creating an imbalance.
  • Forward Arch Corrective Orthotics are fitted by custom imprint not by shoe size. Fitting by shoe size can result in a misfit of 2-3 sizes. Our fitting process involves imprinting the exact outline of the foot. This results in the best possible orthotic fit.

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