History of the Alzner Orthotic

George Alzner inventor of the Alzner arch support

George Alzner was the inventor of the Alzner® arch support. A Romanian by birth, George Alzner was a well known orthopedic shoe designer. George began his education as a therapist in 1939 and in 1942 graduated as an orthopedist and physiotherapist. He traveled to West Germany and received his Masters Degree as an orthopedic foot specialist.

It occurred to George that walking on hard surfaces and professions that strained the foot and caused related symptoms was due to improper support of the foot.

After 20 years of working with thousands of patients, he came up with an idea that an area support designed in the shape of a normal healthy foot would help the misaligned troubled foot by properly supporting the foundation and allowing the foot to copy that neutral foundation.

This could offer correct biomechanical functioning of your foots’ arches. His arch supports would realign the 26 bones, 19 muscle groups, ligaments and tendons. Also, allowing a flexing action to massage and strengthen the muscles in the foot.

In the early 1960’s, George moved to Canada where he first patented his arch supports. His holistic approach to health, George founded a school in Ontario, Canada for teaching and practicing his therapies.

George Alzner orthopedic shoe designer

“The body functions as one unit, and if one member of the body does not function well, the whole body suffers. By treating the whole body, not just one part, we can alleviate the problem” – George Alzner.

Since 2001, Forward Arch® has been helping people alleviate foot problems holistically and their related symptoms using this type of orthotic. Since 2007, we are proud to offer the Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotic based on these same foundations.

We have mechanical changes in the grid for better strength & support and added a triple triangle design on the heel for the better gripping inside your shoes. The Forward Arch® Corrective Orthotic is patented, registered as a Class 1 Medical Device and is safe for everyone to wear, including to diabetics.

We so believe in our products that we offer a lifetime guarantee and a Ltd money back warranty which is relatively unheard of in the orthotic world.

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